I taught the discussion sessions for “Ethics, Religion and International Politics” (Spring 2017) at Boston College, and “Methods Instruction: Qualitative Studies Module” for “Research Design and Methodology” seminar (Spring 2020) at the Department of International Law at the Graduate Institute. I also served as a guest lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, and as a commentator for senior thesis conference at Harvard University in 2017.

During my doctoral studies, I was a teaching assistant at the department of International Relations at the Graduate Institute, where I assisted the following courses:

• “Introduction to International Relations” (Prof. Thomas Biersteker)
• “Research Design in International Relations and Political Science” (Prof. Liliana Andonova)
• “European Security Challenges and Responses” (Prof. Stephanie Hofmann)
• “Theories and Theorists of International Relations” (Prof. Keith Krause)
• “Dialectics of World Orders” (Prof. Thomas Biersteker)
• “Jean Monnet Class: The Cultural Politics of European Integration” (Prof. Annabelle Littoz-Monnet)